Clinical Tympanic Ear Thermometer


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Equipped with a probe you can insert into the ear canal, a clinical tympanic ear thermometer easily records accurate temperature readings. The probe comes protected by a disposable cover that you can change between patients to prevent potential cross-infection. Its built-in sensor uses infrared technology so you can obtain results quickly. This clinical ear thermometer produces an audible alert when the temperature is measured, for increased efficiency. Designed with a visible LCD, this thermometer is easy to use. Its display comes with a night-mode function, allowing use in variable light conditions. With a compact and lightweight design, a forehead and ear thermometer offers enhanced portability. Enjoy long-term use thanks to its replaceable built-in lithium battery and handy auto-off function. It switches between Fahrenheit and Celsius as needed.

  • With infrared technology, a clinical ear thermometer is fast
  • Integrated alerts enhance efficiency
  • Disposable probe covers prevent cross-infection

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