Classic Unisex Torso 16-part Model


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Classic Unisex Torso 16-part Model shows the human anatomy in great detail, and the head is removable in three parts for a more thorough examination. You also remove the heart in two parts for a more informative look at the organ. The manufacturer accurately handcrafts the unisex torso model for proper instruction. The intestinal tract allows you to remove it in four separate parts for an in-depth study of all the organs therein. The manufacturer makes the human torso anatomy model with top-notch plastic that ensures high standards. Since it comes with several removable parts, it presents an opportunity for extensive study and understanding of the location of body organs in the human body.

  • The unisex torso model shows the human anatomy in great detail
  • High-quality plastic sets the bar for high standards
  • Removable parts for a thorough demonstration

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