Circular Rebounder Set with Vertical Ball rack and 5 Ball Set


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Help your patients improve their coordination, strength and aerobic fitness with the CanDo® circular rebounder set with vertical ball rack and 5 ball set. This set can be used as a trampoline, or the rebounder can be set at an angle for throwing medicine balls at it with the aim of catching the rebounding ball. This rebounder set has been designed to aid rehabilitation as well as improve motor control skills and strength.

Safety is an important aspect of all the products in our range of physical therapy exercise equipment. For use as a trampoline, this circular rebounder has a T-bar for proper support and a weight limit of 250 lb. The rebounder surface is 27 inches.

Versatility is a plus with physical therapy supplies, and this adjustable medicine ball rebounder set comes with five medicine balls weighing 2,4,7,11 and 15 lbs., respectively. The medicine balls can be gripped easily and can also be used on their own as physical therapy weights. The angle of the rebounder is adjustable from 0 to 42 degrees in order to facilitate a variety of training applications. The overall dimensions are 39 in. x 42 in. x 36 in., making it easy to fit into small areas.

What does the circular rebounder set include?

This CanDo circular rebounder set includes the rebounder, a vertical ball rack and five medicine balls that range from 2 to 15 lbs.

Does it come pre-installed?

No. The circular rebounder set needs to be set up before use. Instructions are provided and all components are included.

What material are the medicine balls made out of?

The outsides of the medicine balls are rubber to provide a better grip. They are latex-free to protect those with latex allergies.

Benefits and specs include:

  • The CanDo circular rebounder set with vertical ball rack and 5 ball set is designed for rehabilitation and can assist with coordination, strength and aerobic fitness
  • The set is complete with an adjustable circular rebounder, five medicine balls (2,4,7,11 and 15 lbs.), and a vertical ball rack
  • The rebounder incline can be adjusted between 0 and 42 degrees
  • The setup guarantees that balls will be returned with the same speed and at the same angle as thrown
  • The metal T-bar provides support
  • The rebounder surface is 27 in.
  • The weight limit is 250 lbs.
  • Overall dimensions are 39 in. x 42 in. x 36 in.

Purchase the circular rebounder with ball set to help rehabilitate your patients or simply help them improve their coordination and strength.

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