Circular Rebounder Set with Horizontal Ball rack and 5 Ball Set


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Take strength training workouts and physical therapy sessions to the next level using the circular rebounder set with horizontal ball rack and 5 ball set. As a versatile piece of physical therapy exercise equipment, this rebounder can be useful for rehabilitation activities as it aids in building body strength, improving coordination and assisting with balance issues.

This CanDo® circular rebounder set quickly returns medicine balls with a speed, force and angle that is consistent with the user's throw. The angle can be adjusted easily anywhere from 0 to 42 degrees according to the user's needs and goals. Users of various fitness levels can benefit when using medicine ball rebounders as they incorporate rhythmic and dynamic body movements throughout their workout routines. These specific movements may help target both the upper and lower body extremities with the goal of stabilizing the body's core. 

Pliable and colorful medicine balls found in the set include 2 lb., 4 lb., 7 lb, 11 lb. and 15 lb. weights for a total of five balls altogether. This medicine ball trampoline has an adjustable frame with a circular shape and features a durable design made of welded steel, with a protective coating to improve longevity even with extensive use. A commercial-grade woven trampoline fabric is the rebounding surface and measures 27 in. in diameter. The high-quality materials and design elements allow the rebounding equipment to withstand repeated use in all types of healthcare settings. 

Are medicine balls included in the rebounder set?

Yes, five medicine balls of varying weights are included in the set. Each medicine ball features a different color for fast and easy identification and location of the specific weight needed. Other CanDo® products for physical therapy can be added to treatment plans to make for a complete and effective rehabilitation experience.

Does this rebounder set have an adjustable frame?

Yes, an adjustable frame is one of the highlighting features and can be moved back and forth easily to achieve the necessary angles, ranging from zero to 42 degrees. 

Features and benefits:

  • Can be used in rehabilitation settings along with other physical therapy supplies, incorporating it into a treatment plan that can rebuild body strength 
  • The rebounder's surface automatically returns medicine balls, allowing for a solo workout involving movements that may strengthen the body's core
  • Appropriately using the circular rebounder set with horizontal ball rack and 5 ball set may also improve coordination and balance 
  • A range of different size medicine balls allows users of various fitness levels to enjoy customized workouts according to their abilities
  • The sturdy frame and strongly woven trampoline fabric help ensure the longevity and durability of the equipment

Check out this circular rebounder set for its durable and easily adjustable frame, as well as its assortment of colorful medicine balls in varying weights.

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