Childbirth Demonstration Pelvis


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Train medical students or midwives by using a 3B Scientific® childbirth model. Show them advances in delivering a baby as its fetal skull passes through the pelvic skeleton. The representation is a simulator on a baseboard with movable bones including the symphysis, sacrum and hip bone. The fetal skull remains mounted on an all-position flexible gooseneck structure as it continues through the birth canal. It assists childbirth education as a pelvis model so that the teacher can articulate the process. It weighs almost 4 lbs. and measures 12.99 in. x 10.24 in. x 7.09 in. 

  • The childbirth model helps students visualize the passage of the fetal skull through the pelvis
  • It uses a multi-positioning flexible gooseneck system as a simulator
  • It weighs 3.97 lbs. and rests on a baseboard

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