CharMED Crystal Stethoscope Charms - RN


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Made from sturdy components, CharMED™ crystal stethoscope charms - RN - offer durability. They come in an attractive layout designed to accessorize your medical gear. Engraved with the initials "RN," they visibly let others know that you are a registered nurse practitioner. Since CharMED stethoscope charms come crafted from zinc alloy, they feature antibacterial properties that enhance hygiene. Designed in a flexible layout, these versatile charms seamlessly fit most stethoscopes and sphygmomanometer tubes. With a simple slip-on layout and easily cleanable surface, nursing stethoscope charms save you routine maintenance time. Their attractive metallic finish makes them a thoughtful gift idea for the registered nurse in your life.

  • With a flexible layout, CharMED stethoscope charms are versatile
  • Their antibacterial properties enhance hygiene
  • Easily cleanable, they save you time

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