CharMED Crystal Stethoscope Charms - Iridescent


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Personalize your stethoscope and brighten your patients' day with this beautiful iridescent CharMED stethoscope charm. Find your stethoscope more easily in busy hospital or clinic environments thanks to this charm. It's constructed from antibacterial zinc alloy to help prevent the spread of germs. These nursing stethoscope charms are adjustable to fit most stethoscopes. Use the foam inserts to make the charm fit snugly. These charms are stackable so that you can enjoy more than one at a time. 

  • Give your stethoscope some style with this iridescent CharMED stethoscope charm
  • These charms are adjustable to fit most nursing stethoscopes
  • They're made from antibacterial zinc alloy

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