CharMED Crystal Stethoscope Charms - C.N.A


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Personalize your stethoscope with the C.N.A stethoscope charm from CharMED. Using stethoscope charms puts a little bling on your stethoscope. This C.N.A charm is a fun way to help others identify you as a certified nursing assistant. Make it a little easier to identify your stethoscope in a busy practice or hospital and inject some personality. Put your patients at ease in a usually austere environment. CharMED stethoscope charms use a zinc alloy, a metal proven to have antibacterial properties. It is capable of fitting most stethoscopes and is adjustable. Bend it to open up the charm and then squeeze it until it fits securely.

  • Personalize your stethoscope with a C.N.A charm
  • These adjustable charms fit most stethoscopes
  • The charms feature an antibacterial zinc alloy

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