Cervical Overdoor Traction Set


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Help support your patients that have neck and shoulder problems by using the cervical overdoor traction set. Use this heavy-duty set over the door to help relieve patient pain due to stable fractures, pinched nerves, or dislocation by promoting proper posture and relaxation of the muscles.

This traction set also allows you to relieve your patients' pain by applying a controlled amount of pressure on their pressure points. In addition to the traction set, there are many other items that can help your patients relieve pain and retrain their muscles such as cervical collars.

Like some other types of physical therapy exercise equipment, the traction set features an adjustable Velcro® head halter to ensure that the device fits a wide variety of patients in a comfortable manner tailored to them. The head halter is also heavy-duty, so it can withstand the pressurized conditions that it is subjected to. This means you can get plenty of use out of the heavy-duty head halter without worrying about it wearing out too quickly. This set includes a spreader bar, overdoor hanger, traction cord, universal head halter and water weight bag (20 lbs.).

How does the cervical overdoor traction set work?

First, the universal head halter is attached to the head and neck of a seated patient. Next, the harness is connected to the overdoor traction cord. A stretching force is then applied using the included water weight bag (20 lbs.).

What are the traction set dimensions? 

The dimensions of the traction set are 15 inches in length, 3.5 inches in width, and 7 inches in height. The traction set weighs 4.2 lbs.


  • The cervical overdoor traction set features an over-the-door, heavy-duty head halter
  • The set uses a universal self-adjusting spreader bar and heavy-duty hanger
  • The head halter accommodates a wide variety of patients
  • The set includes spreader bar, overdoor hanger, head halter, traction cord and water weight bag (20 lbs.).

Choose this traction set from CeilBlue™ for a heavy-duty product that will help you relieve the pain of your many patients, and browse other physical therapy supplies to meet all your facility's needs.