CaviWipes Surface Disinfectants - 160 wipes per canister


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Lower the risk of cross-contamination within your practice with CaviWipes™ surface disinfectants - 160 wipes per canister. They clean and disinfect at the same time to render medical surfaces safe to handle and use. CaviWipes surface disinfectant wipes deliver a kill rate claim of 2 to 3 min. for common pathogens, including HBV, HCV, HIV-1, TB and MRSA. Use them to decontaminate critical areas around the facility, including surgical centers, operating rooms, neonatal units and isolation wards. These METREX™ wipes come with sturdy, nonwoven construction to withstand heavy-duty applications. They're also nonabrasive to protect nonporous surfaces from damage. Each canister contains 160 CaviWipes disinfecting towelettes for easy stocking in busy clinics and hospitals.

  • CaviWipes surface disinfectant wipes simultaneously clean and disinfect surfaces for time-saving convenience
  • Their potent formulation eliminates harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi for effective infection control
  • A durable, nonwoven construction ensures optimal performance even in tough conditions 

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