CanDo Sparkle Theraputty Hand Exercise Material


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Give your patients CanDo® sparkle Theraputty® hand exercise material for different therapeutic ways to strengthen hand grasp and extend range of hand and finger motion. The glittery putty is especially stimulating for younger patients, as well as for stroke patients who are working to re-energize their brain and senses.

Like most CanDo products for physical therapy, the putty comes in different colors. CanDo sparkle Theraputty is available in yellow and red glitter. CanDo color codes its putty to indicate the firmness. Yellow is extra-soft and red is soft. Both strengths of exercise putty for hand therapy are suitable for children and seniors. The putty also comes in different size containers.

As with all of CanDo's Theraputty, the sparkle exercise putty helps patients improve their grip strength, finger dexterity and even wrist range of motion with a series of exercises. Different grasp-pressure exercises and finger spread, pinch and scissor exercises are all part of the therapy regimen with the putty.

The therapeutic putty is especially effective at helping stroke patients regain strength in their hands. With daily repetitive exercises, it also helps them "re-wire" damaged brain cells with memorization processes.

Why is CanDo's sparkle exercise putty for hand therapy good for kids?

Glitter can be attractive, especially to kids. It stimulates them visually, helping them concentrate on the right therapy techniques, an important aspect of all physical therapy supplies.

What size containers are available?

The CanDo therapeutic putty comes in 2-oz. containers for individual use. However, 1-gal. and 5-gal. containers are available for large and small therapeutic facilities.


  • The putty helps patients improve their grip strength
  • The Cando sparkle Theraputty hand exercise material comes in several sizes for personal or multi-patient use
  • Therapy for stroke patients to improve brain activity 
  • Using Theraputty with exercises improves finger dexterity and wrist range of motion
  • Sparkle putty comes in two colors indicating firmness; red is soft and yellow is extra-soft 

Look into CanDo Theraputty at CeilBlue™ and see why the sparkle putty might be a preferred choice for young and old-hand therapy patients.

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