CanDo Preformed Exercise Loop


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If you’re a physical therapy practitioner, you’re probably always thinking of new ways to provide exercise solutions for your patients. The CanDo® preformed exercise loop is ideal for helping patients get well. These bands are perfectly sized for upper body exercises, so patients with injuries to their arm, shoulder or chest have a new way of aiding their recovery. This CanDo product for physical therapy features strong and flexible latex. You will not have to worry about the band breaking while in a patient’s hands.

This resistance loop band comes in two sizes, either a 10 in. or 15 in. variety. These are equivalent to a 20 in. or 30 in. strip tied in a knot. There are seven different strengths of these CanDo resistance bands, ranging from extra-soft to triple-extra-firm. This is ideal for a practice that deals with many injuries. If you are looking for flexibility between exercises you offer your patients, you now have a variety of different choices for whatever needs your patients have. These physical therapy resistance bands are an ideal addition to a physical therapy practice.

What dimensions do these fitness loop bands come in?

These resistance bands are 3-in. wide and come in two lengths, a 10-in. version and 15-in. version.

What exercises work best with this exercise band?

If you need a new way of giving your patients upper body exercises, this resistance band is ideal.

Could this band break easily?

Made of strong medical latex, this resistance band will hold up to a significant amount of stretching.

Other notable features:

  • Open up new ways of helping your patients exercise with this CanDo preformed exercise loop
  • With seven different levels of firmness, you can provide patients of all strengths a great way to exercise
  • Two lengths for these resistance bands mean patients of all sizes can use this band
  • Durable latex means the band is unlikely to break
  • Ideal for patients with injured arms and shoulders

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