CanDo® One Handle Medicine Ball


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Having medicine balls in your physical therapy center is great for your patients, and the CanDo® one-handle medicine ball is an ideal solution for your physical therapy weight needs. This weight ball with handle is an excellent way to give patients a way to improve their physical health while they work on recovering from an injury or a stay in hospital. These medicine balls come in a range of sizes from 2lb up to 8lb. and are ideal for a range of different exercise regimens.

Because of the handle that this medicine ball comes equipped with, patients with lower grip strength and motor skills following an injury or operation have an easier time exercising. This is an important consideration when purchasing physical therapy exercise equipment. Medicine balls that don’t have a handle come with an increased risk of dropping the ball which may land on the patient and exacerbate an existing injury or even cause a new one. This medicine ball is perfect for a range of workouts, with rotational movement and abdominal training being ideally suited for this piece of workout equipment. For patients trying to improve their strength, this weight ball helps rebuild their muscles.

Why should I buy a medicine ball with a handle?

A medicine ball with a handle is best for patients with decreased strength because having a handle decreases the risk of causing another injury by mistake.

What sizes do these medicine balls come in?

This range of medicine balls comes in four different sizes ranging from 2lb to 8lb


  • Provide a better level of healing to your patients with the CanDo one-handle medicine ball
  • Exercise many of your patients’ muscles at once with this versatile exercise tool
  • With four different balls ranging from 2 to 8lb, you always have an exercise ball right for each patient
  • Prevent exacerbating injuries with the handle that comes with each ball
  • Give your patients a workout in their ab muscles and their arms and legs with these weight balls

Figure out new ways of helping your patients get well by looking at our selection of CanDo products for physical therapy.

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