CanDo Multi-Fragrance Theraputty 4-Piece Set


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Make hand therapy and strengthening exercises fun for your patients with the CanDo® multi-fragrance Theraputty™ 4-piece set. This colorful, four-piece set comes in four different scents to help children and adults stay attentive while actively participating in their hand therapy sessions. Squeezing the putty may also have relaxing effects on your patients during their therapy. The CanDo Theraputty pairs well with our other CanDo products for physical therapy.

This CanDo Theraputty comes in four different color-coded strengths to fit the various needs of your patients as they progress through their therapy. The putty has different strengths and increasing levels of resistance that your patients need when developing their grip strength, dexterity and hand strength while doing finger, hand and wrist exercises with the putty.

Additionally, there are many other Theraputty products available, including antimicrobial, odor-resistant and latex-free types, so you are further equipped for the needs of your patients. Browse our full collection for a wider variety of physical therapy supplies for your establishment.

What scents are included in this physio hand putty set?

The putty set comes in vanilla (tan), banana (yellow), cherry (red) and apple (green) scents.

What are the resistance strengths of each putty?

The four color-coded resistance strengths include XX-soft (tan - vanilla), X-soft (yellow - banana), soft (red - cherry) and medium (green - apple)

Features and benefits:

  • The CanDo multi fragrance Theraputty 4 piece set comes in four scents to make therapy more enjoyable
  • Makes a great choice for children's physical therapy
  • Includes four color-coded resistance strengths to gradually train hand strength and dexterity
  • Helps keep patients attentive and active during their therapy sessions
  • The putty is non-toxic and free of gluten, casein and latex

Pick the CanDo hand-strengthening putty from CeilBlue™ for an engaging way to train and build hand strength, grip and dexterity of your patients.

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