CanDo Microwave-Safe Theraputty


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Enhance therapy sessions and recovery exercises for your patients' hands and fingers with CanDo® microwave-safe Theraputty®. Exercises for the hand and fingers are vitally important for proper therapy and recovery after injury. Use for exercises to improve circulation and help repair tendons, joints and ligaments. Soothing Theraputty is a reliable product that is usually warmed up before utilizing it for exercise. Mold the resistive exercise putty into different shapes and forms while it's warm for specific hand and finger therapies. Offering the product as microwave-safe makes warming simple and easy, adding to CanDo's long history of quality physical therapy supplies.

CanDo Theraputty standard exercise putty comes in two different colored formulas. Blue provides a firm consistency and orange is soft. These different consistencies are useful for progressive resistance when developing increased grip strength and is one of many CanDo products for physical therapy. The putty also comes in a variety of container sizes ranging from 2 oz. all the way up to 5 lbs. 

What types of injuries is Theraputty good for?

Resistive exercise putty works for hand and finger injuries that affect movement. It allows for shaping needed for different exercises, and provides a soothing effect.

Are there specific exercises using the putty?

Common hand exercises using Theraputty include finger abduction and adduction, donut shaping and thumb gripping.


  • The CanDo microwave-safe Theraputty warms up easily to shape for specific hand and finger therapies
  • A firm (blue) or soft (orange) version is available for progressive resistance therapy
  • The putty comes in six different amounts, from 2 oz. to 5 lbs.
  • Use Theraputty to form different shapes to aid in exercise and therapy for hand and fingers
  • Exercise putty is also good for tendon and ligament therapy

Increase the mobility of your hands and fingers with exercises using Cando microwavable Theraputty from CeilBlue™.

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