CanDo® Memory Foam Squeeze Ball


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The CanDo® memory foam squeeze ball is a great way of helping patients get back to where they were before an injury, and it forms part of the range of CanDo products for physical therapy. With the improved grip strength that comes from a foam ball hand exerciser such as this one, your patients will get closer to a normal life. Improved grip strength gives them the freedom to do things like play catch with their kids and successfully drive a car, which is an important emotional step in restoring normalcy in a patient's life.

This memory foam stress ball works very similar to physical therapy putty and is a vital piece of physical therapy exercise equipment. This CanDo physical therapy squeeze ball is completely reusable, making it a cost-effective choice. These squeeze balls come in several different firmness levels. There is a 2.5-in. diameter yellow ball that is extra soft, a 3-in. diameter red ball that is soft, and a 3.5-in. diameter green ball that is medium. You can also order all three balls in a set or as a pack of 12.

What will patients be able to accomplish with better grip strength?

When patients have restored grip strength, they can better operate a car, use the remote control for the television and handle tools for home improvement and property maintenance.

Can you buy these foam ball hand exercisers in bulk?

You have the option of buying these stress balls individually, in a set of three or as a pack of 12.

Features include:

  • Help your patients regain their strength with this CanDo memory foam squeeze ball
  • Grip strength gives patients their lives back and helps with the emotional recovery from injury
  • This stress ball is a great alternative or complement to physical therapy putty
  • With three different grip strengths, you will be able to step your patients up to full strength
  • 12-count packs of these stress balls make for a great option for larger practices

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