CanDo Firm Medicine Balls


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CanDo® Firm Medicine Balls are a product family that lets fitness clients or rehab patients exercise on their own or with a partner, at the weight that's most comfortable for their regimen. The medicine balls are integral to nonimpact or low-impact plyometric exercises, combining aerobics to increase endurance, flexibility to enhance coordination and weight training to strengthen core muscle groups.

The CanDo firm medicine balls have versatile application as physical therapy exercise equipment. Your clients and patients can use them to augment floor-mat exercises like leg lifts or torso swivels. They can hold them as they stand to do half-squats or lunges, or use individual balls for arm flexion and extension exercises. They can do thrust-and-catch exercises against a rebounder or with a partner for more engaging exercise.

The medicine balls are one of the unique products in a line-up of CanDo products for physical therapy to build the strength and confidence of patients.

The eight balls in the product weight set come in different colors. These color-coded plyometric balls are actually two-tone, color-against-black yin-yang patterns, suggesting their complementary cross-therapy and training. Each ball has a white circle below the CanDo logo indicating its weight in lbs. and kg.

The CanDo weight balls are available in four diameters, from 8, 9, 10 to 11 inches, depending on the weight. Each ball has an outer surface of firm hard rubber, with textured dimples to enhance the grip your clients or patients have on the ball. Like all physical therapy weights, the weight distribution of the firm-rubber exterior-shell balls is uniform, maintaining balanced exercise.

What weights do the color codes signify?

The color-coded medicine balls are attractive additions to any fitness or therapy setting. They give your clients a way of identifying the weight of the balls beyond their white-circle designation. The 8-inch diameter balls are available in 1-lb. tan, 2-lb. yellow and 4-lb. red. The 9-inch balls come in 7-lb. green and 11-lb. blue. Black on black 10-inch balls weigh 20 lbs., and the large-size 11-inch 20-lb. silver and 30-lb. gold complete the set.

Are combo color-coded plyometric ball packages available?

Yes, you can get product packages of firm medicine balls. They're available in five-piece sets with the most suitable weights for therapy patients who are looking to build their endurance, coordination and strength.

What are the key benefits of the balls for clients and patients?
  • The CanDo firm medicine balls offer full-range aerobic, flexibility and strength exercises
  • Clients and patients can use them for floor-mat, standing and partner exercising
  • Color coding plus white-circle weight designations make it easy to see which ball is the right one for a specific weight exercise
  • Uniform weight distribution maintains balanced exercise, preventing abnormal movement with the ball
  • Firm rubber exterior plus dimpled texturing gives clients and patients a secure grip

Find out more about these versatile, functional CanDo weight balls to see why they should be the first accessory you choose for your clients' fitness training or your patients' therapeutic rehab.

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