CanDo Light Powder Exercise Band 5-Piece Set


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Add this CanDo® light powder exercise band five-piece set to your office's collection of physical therapy supplies so that your clients have a way to incorporate resistance training into their upper-body and lower-body workouts and physical therapy regimens. These high-quality exercise bands make it easy to do the resistance exercises that help clients increase or regain muscle strength. 

These CanDo products for physical therapy are a great addition to medical facilities and gyms because they provide clients with a way to practice muscle training without weights. This makes them a good choice for offices that don't have a lot of space for weights and other heavy gym equipment. They're also ideal for people who may have difficulty lifting weights. 

These lightweight exercise bands come in a set of five per package, and each band is color-coded to match its resistance level using the TheraBand color sequence. This makes it easy to grab the correct band quickly, a helpful feature in busy facilities with lots of clients and limited time.

How wide are the bands?

The bands are each 5-in. wide, making them the ideal width for gripping and stretching. 

Why are they made using light powder latex?

These bands are made using light-powder latex because the light dusting of powder feels more comfortable on the hands. 

How do they come delivered?

They're packed in polybags so that they're ready to go as soon as you receive them.

Benefits and features: 

  • The CanDo light powder exercise band five-piece set is color-coded using the TheraBand color sequence, making it easy to know which one to grab when in the midst of a workout
  • The bands are 5-in. wide, ideal for gripping for long periods of time
  • The bands are lightweight yet strong, making them ideal for vigorous resistance workouts
  • They work for both upper-body and lower-body workouts

Choose these physical therapy resistance bands so that your clients can easily complete resistance workouts that can help them strengthen or heal.

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