CanDo Light Powder Exercise Band


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Accommodate medical establishments such as rehabilitation centers with CanDo® light powder exercise bands from CeilBlue™. With multiple color options, it's easy to match any type of decor in the workplace. Choose a single exercise band or 40 models in a pack, depending on physical therapy supply needs.

Several sizes are available, including 6-, 25- and 50-yd. options, so everyone can use these exercise bands comfortably. Natural rubber latex material offers flexibility for delicate or strenuous workout sessions. The color-coded design highlights the band's resistance so that you always know which one to use. These 4-ft. exercise bands are compact and economical, which makes them an efficient tool for strengthening muscles. With these training bands, patients can recover after surgery in a timely manner.

What type of packaging is available for these CanDo bands?

These exercise bands come in poly bags, which are convenient for carrying multiple exercise bands to the gym or a rehabilitation facility.

How can you use these exercise bands?

Patients in physical recovery can use CanDo low powder exercise bands alone or combine them with anchors and handles. Other uses for exercise bands include strength training and conditioning, which helps to increase body durability.


  • Equip rehabilitation facilities and training centers with CanDo light powder exercise bands, which feature multiple colors for efficient categorization
  • With natural latex material, users can perform simple or complex training exercises when using CanDo exercise bands
  • Order options include a single or 40-pack of CanDo rehabilitation bands for a good supply
  • Four size options are available so that anyone can train seamlessly
  • 4-ft. exercise bands are convenient for muscle building at a proper pace
  • Various physical therapy resistance bands come in poly bags, which keeps them secure and easy to transport
  • Use light powder exercise bands on their own or in combination with handles or anchors

Exercise bands and other CanDo products for physical therapy ensure proper strength training, rehabilitation and body conditioning. Improve body strength by using CanDo exercise bands, which offer a simple way to train anywhere.

Orders for this item typically ship within 5 business days.

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