CanDo Latex-Free Antimicrobial Theraputty


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Using CanDo® latex-free antimicrobial Theraputty® is a great solution for practitioners who want to improve their patients' grip strength, a critically important function of human life. One of the most debilitating injuries that physical therapy practitioners see is an injury that impacts grip. Restoring the power someone has in their grip is not only important for their physical recovery, it also aids in their mental recovery. Having the strength to shake someone's hand or control a steering wheel is an important emotional boost, and will lift the spirits of someone looking for a return to confident hand control.

This physical therapy putty comes in seven different sizes, from a small 2 oz. version to a massive 50 lb. tub. No matter what size your practice is, you can have a jar of Theraputty that is ideal for your practice needs. In addition, there are six different variants of this putty for varying levels of injury. Whether you need double extra-soft putty for those just starting to recover from their injuries or an extra-firm putty for patients almost back at full strength, your practice will be able to meet the needs of your patients. You'll find many different CanDo products for physical therapy for all sorts of different uses.

Is this putty greasy or unpleasant to touch?

Not at all. The therapeutic putty is non-greasy and won't slip out of the patient's hands as they work on their grip strength.

Are people who use this putty at risk of allergies?

Since this exercise putty is free of casein, gluten, and latex, patients with sensitivities to those products will not have to worry.

Will this putty start to smell after a while?

This CanDo physiotherapy hand putty has antimicrobials in it to prevent unpleasant odors from forming.


  • Help patients regain their grip strength with this CanDo latex-free antimicrobial Theraputty
  • With many different amount sizes available, you'll have an ideal supply for your practice
  • This putty is free of common allergens like latex and gluten for a safe experience
  • Several different levels of firmness are available
  • Antimicrobials in the putty means no unpleasant odors from repeated use

For an effective tool in any physical therapy practice, check out the rest of our physical therapy supplies to see how CeilBlue™ can benefit your practice.

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Customer Review Summary

The biggest issues raised in the reviews were about quantity and quality. Some reviews mentioned that the amount of putty provided wasn't suitable for people with large hands. Others found that the putty became stringy after a while. Overall, 86% of customers were happy with the features of the putty. 73% were happy with the quantity. 82% of reviews about the quality were positive. Many reviews mentioned that the quantity provided was enough, especially for children and women. Reviewers also stated that the product was very useful for developing fine motor control skills and hand strength. Many customers stated that the putty lasted long and was of high quality. The putty comes in a range of quantities from 2 oz. to 50 lb. so the issue with quantity is easily remedied. Any dissatisfaction with the quantity or quality is covered by the 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

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