CanDo Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Rack


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Renovate medical facilities with CanDo® vinyl-coated kettlebell racks, which are available in black. With a load capacity of 660 lbs., it's easy to keep many kettlebells off the floor. The dimensions of these CanDo vinyl-coated kettlebell racks are 47 x 26 x 32 in. It's possible to store many vinyl-coated kettlebells on these racks due to their two-tier construction. 

This vinyl-coated weight rack weighs 60 lbs., so it's not difficult to move it into another room when renovating establishments. 

What are a few uses for kettlebell racks?

Various physical therapy weights serve as an irreplaceable tool for strength training, toning and complex rehabilitation sessions. Since safety is so important in medical facilities, it's necessary to keep all kettlebells in a specific storage compartment such as these racks.

What makes vinyl-coated kettlebells so convenient?

The vinyl-coated aspect of physical therapy supplies such as kettlebells prevents any scratches or marks on the floor. They also won't leave a trace on the kettlebell rack. Another benefit of vinyl coating is that it provides an excellent grip, so it's easy to hold them during exercise. The stable base foundation of these racks features rubber ends on the feet, which keep the rack from sliding or falling over. With plenty of space between the two tiers, it's easy to access kettlebells during daily workouts.


  • These CanDo vinyl-coated kettlebell racks in black have a load capacity of 660 lbs.
  • The sturdy construction features a two-tier design and plenty of space for kettlebells
  • Its dimensions are 47 x 26 x 32 in., and it weighs 60 lbs.
  • Vinyl-coated kettlebells won't leave a scratch on these racks, so they stay in good condition
  • A solid foundation features special ends, which keep the kettlebell rack in place
  • Fitting for rehabilitation, muscle enhancing and condition exercises

Store heavy kettlebells in medical care facilities by using sturdy kettlebell racks and other CanDo products for physical therapy.

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