CanDo Vinyl Coated Kettlebells


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Build muscle tone with CanDo® vinyl-coated kettlebells. This dynamic form of physical therapy exercise equipment develops core body strength while extending cardiovascular endurance. Unlike dumbbells that are used statically, kettlebells are intended for active exercises and can be swung, used as a push press and raised for power clean lifting exercises.

The unique shape of CanDo kettlebells means that the center of gravity is away from the hand, a feature that aids the muscle building capabilities of dynamic and ballistic training exercises. Kettlebell exercising can be fun, and the continuous acceleration and deceleration together with centrifugal forces works many different muscle groups simultaneously.

These CanDo kettlebells are suitable for male and female patients. The seven different sizes available offer a wide weight selection for patients of different size, physical condition and body weight. Other CanDo products for physical therapy include exercise mats, exercise balls and a vinyl-coated kettlebell rack that can hold a maximum of 660 lbs.

What do the different colors mean?

The bright color of the vinyl coating indicates the weight of the CanDo kettlebell, ensuring your patients always select the right weight for their exercises. The lightest is the yellow kettlebell weighing 5 lbs., and the heaviest is the 30 lb. golden orange kettlebell. When used for dynamic exercises, it's important to select a kettlebell that's not too heavy, especially for swing exercising.

What is the benefit of a cast iron kettlebell?

Because iron kettlebells are cast as a single piece, there's no chance of the handle breaking off during energetic swing exercises. The weight of a cast iron kettlebell is related to its size, although handle dimensions remain the same. Handles are robust and smooth, and the vinyl coating prevents floor damage and scratches. Competition kettlebells are usually made from steel and all have the same external dimensions even though their weight differs.

Key patient benefits:

  • Patients can use CanDo vinyl-coated kettlebells for building muscle tone
  • Kettlebells are suitable for dynamic and ballistic training that works many different muscle groups
  • The kettlebells have a robust iron construction that ensures handles won't break during vigorous activity
  • Their color-coding on the vinyl-coated kettlebell indicates the weight and protects wooden floors from damage

Speed up patient rehabilitation by choosing kettlebells and other patient-friendly bodybuilding and physical therapy supplies from CeilBlue™.

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