CanDo Inflatable Roller


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Provide your patients with versatile physical therapy supplies using this CanDo® inflatable roller. This roller provides a tool for both exercise and massage in rehabilitation therapy. Whether the patient requires active exercise, massage through self-myofascial release or stretch therapy, this inflatable roller fulfills the need. The multi-functionality of this roller makes it a good choice to add to your physical therapy foam roller supplies.

This inflatable exercise roller can be inflated to varying degrees dependent on desired stability and resistance. This allows for adaptability in each individual’s routines. If you need easier resistance and increased stability, inflate the roller to its maximum volume, it can also easily be decreased again by simply releasing air from the roller. Besides this flexibility, the roller comes in three different sizes: 7 in. x 7 in., 9 in. x 28 in., and 7 in. x 17 in. This allows for even more customization in each unique physical therapy case.

The inflatable fitness roller comes in three different colors, blue, black, and green, dependent on what size roller you choose. This helps keep all of your CanDo products for physical therapy organized for ease of use. The option to deflate each physical therapy inflatable roller when not in use helps to minimize the amount of space taken up.

Can the inflatable fitness roller withstand intense activity?

The inflatable roller can withstand more intense levels of exercise and activity because, unlike many other rollers, it is not made of foam.

Can the inflatable roller be used for regular activity and exercise as well?

The inflatable roller is ideal both for physical therapy and regular exercise. The size options and ability to inflate to varying degrees are what make this roller incredibly versatile.


  • The CanDo inflatable roller is suitable for massage, exercise and stretching
  • The ability to choose the level of inflation allows for diverse use among each unique individual
  • The roller comes in three different sizes and colors
  • Deflating the roller makes organization and storage simpler

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