CanDo Inflatable Exercise Balls


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Medical training supplies such as CanDo® inflatable exercise balls are suitable for improving balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. Balls are used as aids for vestibular movement and equilibrium therapy by fitness professionals as an aid for stretching and strength programs, as seats and even by pregnant women in birthing classes.


  • The CanDo exercise balls have a non-slip PVC vinyl surface with ribbing for extra security.
  • Patients can train using inflatable gym balls with a firm or mushy feel, depending on specific medical treatments.
  • Standard CanDo medicine balls can support up to 300 lbs. (136 kg).

Orders for this item typically ship within 5 business days.

Customer Review Summary

Some customer reviews say that CanDo inflatable exercise balls don't hold air properly. Overall, 76% state there are no issues with balls deflating throughout frequent use in fitness centers and rehabilitation facilities. They help patients improve their balance and flexibility. Contact the friendly CeilBlue™ customer service for more details. 

19% of customers raised concerns about medical balls ripping. The non-slipping PVC vinyl surface still proves to be a durable material, with 81% saying they remain intact even after years of use. In case anything goes awry, there's the 30-day satisfaction guarantee on this product. 

A few reviews include mentions of balls leaving marks on floors. 86% of customers say otherwise, mentioning the convenient weight support which is 300 lbs, and praising material features. There is no minimum order quantity on inflatable exercise balls.

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