CanDo Fragrant Theraputty


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When working with patients in a physical therapy setting, you want to focus on every angle of wellness that you can. CanDo® fragrant Theraputty™ is a great solution for giving your patients a better level of wellness. Its integral in restoring grip strength in patients who have lost strength in their hand muscles from an injury. If you have younger patients who have suffered an injury that affects the strength in their hands, the pleasant scents of this exercise putty is a more fun way of helping them recover from their injuries. You need physical therapy supplies to assist your practice, and this selection of physical therapy products is ideal for any practice.

This physical therapy putty comes in three different sizes so whatever the size of your practice, from a tiny practice in a small town to a large practice in a big city’s major health system, you have Theraputty options for your type of practice. There is an extra-extra-soft putty with a vanilla scent for younger people in physical therapy and patients that have just started out their physical therapy regimen, an extra-soft putty in banana, a soft putty in cherry scent and a medium-strength putty in an apple scent for patients who have the most residual grip strength and are nearing the end of their regimen.

What sizes do these putties come in?

These putties come in a 2 oz. size, a 1 lb. size and a 5 lb. size. Therefore, you will not have to worry about not having enough putty for your practice.

What scents do these physiotherapy hand putties come in?

You can find these putties in vanilla, banana, cherry and apple fragrances. 

Is this putty ideal for children patients?

If you have children patients coming into your physical therapy practice, you can help them regain their strength with these putties.


  • Give your patients a new level of control over their grip with this CanDo fragrant Theraputty 
  • There are scents for every type of grip with this specially fragranced Theraputty
  • With 2 oz., 1 lb. and 5 lb. sizes, you will have a putty for any size practice
  • This putty is ideal for children and other patients with weak grip strengths
  • For patients with weak hand muscles, this putty is ideal for regaining strength

If you are seeking better solutions for your physical therapy practice, our CanDo® products for physical therapy are ideal for any type of practice you may have.