CanDo® Exercise Band - Accessory Foam Covered Handle


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Make workouts and therapy programs easier for clients to handle with this CanDo® foam-covered handle. These physical therapy supplies work in conjunction with exercise bands or tubes, also referred to as resistance bands and tubes. They're ideal for helping clients grip the bands as they go through their workout routines. 

It's well-known that exercise bands are great for strength training, whether they're for athletes who want to push their muscles to the limit or people who are doing physical therapy to rebuild and strengthen muscles after an injury. This foam-covered exercise handle slips over the bands so that the user has a firm grip on the bands as they do their exercises.

The CanDo foam-padded adjustable handle is physical therapy exercise equipment that's made of a tough, hard plastic, helping the bands last longer, even through extensive use. This makes them a great option for facilities where the bands get a lot of repeated use. The soft foam covering helps keep users' hands comfortable while the bands are in use.

How many handles come in a pack?

These handles come in packs of 10 pairs or packs of 50 pairs.

Can the handles work with both resistance bands and resistance tubing?

The handles work with both resistance bands and resistance tubing, making them ideal for facilities where clients do a wide range of exercises.

How do you attach the handles?

Attach the handles to bands or tubes by threading them through the core of the handles and then tying a double knot for extra security.


  • CanDo foam-covered handle can attach to bands or tubes easily 
  • You can purchase a pack of 10 pairs or a pack of 50 pairs
  • The 2-inch foam padding provides a comfortable base for users to rest their hands.

Use CanDo products for physical therapy like this foam exercise handle with the bands and tubes used in resistance exercise, physical therapy and training.

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