CanDo® Exercise Band - Accessory Handle with D-ring, 1 pair


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Use the CanDo® exercise band accessory handle with D-ring set to add variety and convenience to workouts and physical therapy sessions. When attached to resistance bands or tubes, the handles make pulling and pushing motions easier due to the improved grip. They can also help to strengthen a weak grip gently while helping to improve strength, flexibility and mobility.

Use the handles with either CanDo or standard physical therapy resistance bands or as an alternative to TheraBand® handles. Attach the bands or tubes to the D-ring using a double knot. This versatility makes them a good addition to the rest of your physical therapy supplies.

Because CanDo understands the needs of rehabilitation, CanDo products for physical therapy are all designed to be comfortable as well as safe. The comfortable foam-covered grips have strong straps and the D-rings are steel.

Why should you consider CanDo handles?

These CanDo tubing handles provide a more comfortable grip without reducing the beneficial challenge of using resistance bands. Due to the twisting around the hands, tubes and bands can be difficult to hold onto when performing certain movements. This can become even more of a problem when using bands with higher resistance levels, particularly from a comfort standpoint. Both these points are important for a resistance workout and physical therapy where safety and mobility are a concern. Additionally, when the bands or tubes wear out, users only need to replace the tubes and bands and not the handles. This makes CanDo handles a good addition to your selection of TheraBand tubes with handles.

Can you use the CanDo handles with other exercise equipment?

The CanDo exercise band handles are only suitable for use with exercise bands and tubes.

The benefits include:

  • Use the CanDo exercise band accessory handle with D-ring set with standard resistance tubes and bands
  • The handles provide a more comfortable and convenient grip
  • Using the handles can add variety into workouts and physical therapy by broadening the range of exercises
  • When used with resistance bands or tubes, the handles may improve grip strength
  • Pushing and pulling motions are made mechanically easier, which can improve strength, mobility and flexibility

Purchase CanDo exercise band handles to add to your workout or physical therapy tools for versatile sessions.

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