CanDo® Donut Ball


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Improve balance and stability during physical therapy exercises with the CanDo® donut ball. The use of a donut therapy ball during workouts has been shown to improve core strength and balance. The unique shape of the divot on top can keep you in place during donut exercise ball workouts, and has it better stability than a standard exercise ball. The product is one of the offerings of CanDo products for physical therapy on CeilBlue™.

The CanDo inflatable donut ball comes in four different color and size variations. Orange is the smallest option with a 22-in. diameter and 12-in. height. Green is the next option, with a 26-in. diameter and 14-in. height. Red offers a 30-in. diameter and 16-in. height, and blue is the biggest size option with a 34-in. diameter and 18-in. height. Like other physical therapy supplies, these provide an extended range of motion and muscle improvement after repeated therapy sessions. You can combine donut ball workouts with physical therapy resistance bands to get the most out of your physical therapy. Set up the donut ball by inflating it with air using either an air unit or a pump. The ball purchase does not include a pump.

How much can you benefit from using the donut ball for exercises?

You may experience a lot of benefit by using this product in a regular exercise regimen. Professional athletes use donut balls from time to time to improve stability by implementing them into regular workouts.

What kind of exercises can you do with the donut ball?

Use this donut ball for a multitude of exercises, including sit-ups and using the ball as a medicine ball for exercising your core muscles.


  • The CanDo donut ball improves balance and stability during workouts
  • The donut ball is available in four different size and color variations
  • Proper use of the donut ball may help improve core strength
  • Donut balls are more stable to use than regular exercise balls
  • Use the donut ball as part of exercise routines

Bounce back from injury and improve rehab sessions with physical therapy exercises on CanDo exercise and physical therapy equipment.

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