CanDo® Deluxe Kickboard


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The CanDo® deluxe kickboard is a wonderful way of giving your patients access to entertaining aquatic therapy as a way of getting well. You need a large range of physical therapy supplies to help your patients rebuild their muscles in many different ways, and this pool kickboard is an excellent way of helping your patients rebuild the muscles in the lower half of their body. When your patients are in the water, they can get more resistance from kicking their legs than they would from exercises that take place outside the water.

This swimming kickboard uses a high-density foam, perfect for aquatic therapy. This is crucial in preventing the board from falling apart from repeated use. This way, your patients will be able to use this foam deluxe kickboard with two hands again and again. The two hand cutouts that come in this kickboard provide an excellent level of stability to your patients, preventing them from losing their grip while exercising their muscles. You can give your patients maximum performance and comfort with this pool kickboard.

What is this kickboard made out of?

A thick, dense foam that holds up in the water makes up this pool board.

Will my patients be able to hold onto this board?

Since this board has two holes cut in it to provide a place to keep the hands, your patients will be able to hold onto this board with fewer problems.

Other advantages:

  • Assist your patients in regaining their full muscle functions with this CanDo deluxe kickboard
  • This board is ideal for aquatic therapy, which is a more enjoyable way of providing physical therapy exercise
  • You can help your patients regain function in their legs with this two-handed kickboard
  • Since this board features high-density foam, you will not have to worry about the board breaking down
  • Provide more comfort to your patients by giving them a fun way of exercising

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