CanDo® Band Exercise Loop 5 Piece Sets


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Build strength and tone muscle groups with CanDo® band exercise loop 5-piece sets. Due to their lightweight design, CanDo exercise loops and other physical therapy resistance bands suit patients with weakened muscles following a medical operation, illness or injury. Whether for general fitness, athletic performance or rehabilitation purposes, these resistance loop bands provide extensive options to deliver an efficient body workout. Each set contains five distinct colors that correspond to varying resistance levels. The progressive color-coded scheme enables you to identify the bands quickly and choose the degree of difficulty based on your personal needs and preferences.

The versatility of CanDo resistance bands makes them a popular choice among beginners, professionals and therapy patients. Yellow, red and green exercise loops generate light to medium resistance for those starting a new exercise regimen. These looped bands also pair well with other CanDo products for physical therapy to facilitate a quicker recovery. For more challenging workouts, fitness enthusiasts and athletes may opt for blue and black bands with heavy resistance. With 10 sets included, large healthcare settings or fitness studios have plenty on hand to distribute to patients and members. The preformed loops offer maximum convenience with their ready-to-use feature. Exercise at home or on the go with these portable and easy-to-store fitness loops.

What are the size options for these band exercise sets?

These 3-in. wide looped bands come in three lengths for performing a range of fitness activities. Small loops measuring 10-in. long are ideal for finger or wrist exercises. The longer 15-in. option works for training the upper or lower extremities. Consider the 30-in. selection to achieve a full-body workout.

Do the bands contain latex?

These CanDo resistance bands use natural rubber latex for enhanced elasticity. This strong and durable material also withstands wear and tear to ensure long-term use.

Features and benefits:

  • The CanDo band exercise loop 5-piece sets strengthen and tone the body to promote wellness and overall fitness 
  • Progressive resistance levels provide suitable options for many types of users
  • Five unique colors make it easy to identify the bands to match different workout or therapy needs
  • Bulk sets offer ample supply for large rehabilitation centers and training facilities
  • Preformed loops provide out-of-the-box functionality for maximum convenience
  • Portable and lightweight design saves storage space and makes the bands handy accessories for travel

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