CanDo® Band and Tubing Anchor Attachment Strap


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This CanDo® band and tubing anchor attachment strap is a perfect part of every well-stocked physical therapy office's arsenal of physical therapy supplies. This strap attaches to exercise tubes and exercise bands so that clients can perform their physical therapy or strength-building exercises. This adjustment strap has a D-ring that's easily connected to adjustable CanDo exercise bands or tubes. 

Exercise bands and exercise tubes are a critical part of doctor's offices, physical therapy offices and gyms as everyone from people getting over traumatic injuries to athletes who are looking to strengthen different muscles in their bodies use them. This anchor attachment strap is a popular part of the family of CanDo products for physical therapy because it works with both resistance bands and resistance tubes. This is key for offices that offer their clients both options since each type has its pros and cons.

An anchor strap that can attach to resistance tubes or resistance bands and then attach to objects like poles, equipment frames and doors is ideal for offices with limited space.

How long is the attachment strap?

This adjustable exercise band strap is 16-in. long.

What material is the handle covered with?

The foam-covered handle sports a firm, rigid interior, making it comfortable for clients to hold while going through their exercises. 

Can the attachment strap work with standard exercise bands and tubing?

The strap can work with standard exercise bands and tubing. You need to tie the band or tube tightly around the D-ring using a tight double knot.

Features and benefits:

  • It works with standard adjustable resistance bands and tubing using a tight double knot tied around the strap's D-ring
  • The CanDo band and tubing anchor attachment strap is 16 in. long
  • The strap works with both resistance tubing and resistance bands, making it ideal for a wide range of exercises.

Choose this CanDo accessory for your facility or office as part of the physical therapy exercise equipment to help your clients stay on track with their exercise goals.

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