CanDo Antimicrobial Odor-Resistant Theraputty 6-Piece Set


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Strengthen the muscles of the fingers, hand, wrist and forearm with the CanDo® antimicrobial odor-resistant Theraputty® 6-piece set. Ideal for fitness, rehabilitation and relaxation needs, Theraputty works for individual use at home or as a therapy tool in professional and clinical settings. The CanDo antimicrobial odor-resistant Theraputty set features six striking colors for quick identification and easy monitoring. Each color delivers a different consistency to enable users to build up muscle strength in a progressive manner.

Fitness enthusiasts and athletes looking to develop a stronger grip may opt for CanDo Theraputty standard exercise putty with firm to extra-firm resistance. For children trying to hone their fine motor skills or patients in the early stages of a rehab program, Theraputty with soft to medium resistance is a more suitable option. Along with other CanDo products for physical therapy, Theraputty can help restore normal functions following an illness or injury.

This nontoxic resistive exercise putty comes with a casein-, gluten- and latex-free formulation to ensure safety among users, especially those with multiple sensitivities. The antimicrobial agent also inhibits the growth of odor-causing microorganisms to keep the putty smelling fresh and clean. To protect against exposure to dirt, dust, and other contaminants, Theraputty comes in resealable plastic containers for longevity. The easy-to-open design provides quick access for convenient exercising or training on the go.

What are the different Theraputty resistance colors?

The six distinct Theraputty colors with corresponding resistance levels are tan with extra-extra-soft, yellow with extra-soft, red with soft, green with medium, blue with firm and black with extra-firm resistance.

Is Theraputty available in varying sizes?

Yes. For personal use at home or in the office, consumers may choose Theraputty in 6 oz. containers. Consider the larger-sized 1 lb. option for those with extensive needs in therapy centers and sports training facilities.

Features and benefits:

  • CanDo antimicrobial odor-resistant Theraputty six-piece set works for fitness, therapy and recreational needs
  • Color-coded scheme enables quick identification to keep track of improvements
  • Progressive resistance levels offer versatility to suit a variety of users
  • Nontoxic formulation using safe ingredients eliminates the risk of potential allergic reactions
  • An antimicrobial additive controls odor-causing germs to minimize undesirable smells
  • Resealable plastic containers protect the putty from contaminants to ensure long-term use
  • An easy-to-open container design provides quick access to the contents

Add Theraputty to your list of essential physical therapy supplies to provide quality healthcare services to patients.

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