CanDo® Adjustable Exercise Band


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Stretch, flex and build muscle strength with the CanDo® adjustable exercise band. Whether for a brand new exerciser, frequent gym-goer or professional athlete, this resistance band adapts to varying fitness levels for maximum versatility. Based on individual needs, choose from five different colors that correspond to the TheraBand® progressive resistance system. This color-coded scheme makes it easy to monitor improvements as you progress to the next level. Yellow and red stretch bands offer light resistance and are ideal for beginners with a basic workout plan. For strenuous exercises, intermediate bodybuilders and sports trainers may opt for green, blue and black bands to get medium to heavy resistance. Lightweight, easy to store and travel-friendly, this CanDo adjustable TheraBand alternative allows you to sweat it out at home, at the gym or while on the go.

Following an injury, illness or surgery, physical therapy may prove beneficial in helping patients regain normal body functions. The use of resistance bands in combination with physical therapy exercise equipment can improve strength and balance, increase mobility and enhance quality of life among patients. The band comes with quick-attachment hooks for fastening securely to the D-ring on the strap and handle accessories. Along with CanDo products for physical therapy, CanDo resistance bands make an excellent addition to any rehabilitation program.

How much resistance does each color represent?

At 100 percent elongation, the yellow band provides 3 lbs., while the red band offers 3.7 lbs. of resistance. The green, blue and black bands each deliver 4.6 lbs., 5.8 lbs. and 7.3 lbs. of resistance.

Does the exercise band include the accessories?  

No. The handle and strap accessories are available as separate products.

Features and benefits:

  • The CanDo adjustable exercise band lets users perform simple to complex moves for a full-body workout
  • Different resistance levels match varying workout needs for maximum versatility
  • The progressive color-coded system makes it easy to recognize improvements for easy monitoring
  • A lightweight and easy-to-store design provides excellent portability
  • Quick-attachment hooks anchor securely to D-rings for user safety

Pair this exercise band with other physical therapy supplies to lead patients on the path towards a speedy recovery.

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