Camo FlexBan Cohesive Easy Tear Bandages


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Camo FlexBan Cohesive Easy Tear Bandages are soft to tear by hand, thereby avoiding injury risks but ensuring comfort on your skin. They're 3 in. wide and 5 yd. long and come in a pack of 32 rolls. Cohesive bandages are strong and elastic to provide excellent support and exert pressure inhibiting bleeding while not cutting off circulation. They're highly convenient as application is suitable for various scenarios like wound dressing, providing compression or holding ice bags in place. Camo FlexBan bandages allow you to tear just as much as you need as they are perforation-free.

  • Convenient in holding ice bags in place as its 5 yd. long
  • Strong and elastic yet very comfortable on the skin
  • Cohesive bandages are easy to tear by hand ensuring you avoid injury risks

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