Ergonomic Cable Brace for Sonographers


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Equip ultrasound clinics, doctors' offices and hospitals with ergonomic cable braces to enhance sonographers' comfort while they work. When appropriately fitted, this brace secures the transducer cable in a convenient location just below the elbow, keeping it out of the way. The ultrasound cable brace aids sonographers' cord management procedures when they sit or stand in healthy, neutral positions while engaging with patients. Conveniently fit this brace just below the elbow around either the left or right arm. This cable brace for sonographers comes in regular and large sizes. The regular size fits a forearm with a maximum 13 in. circumference, while a large fits a 16.75 in. circumference.

  • The cable brace for sonographers is available in 13 and 16.75 in. circumferences
  • Increase sonographer's comfort by implementing this cable management system
  • Use this brace on either the right or left arm

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