Built-up Handle Utensils


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Get these built-up handle utensils that come with increased surface area on the handles, allowing maximum grip and stability. Grab a complete set of ergonomically designed built-up stainless steel utensils, including knives, teaspoons, forks, soup spoons and U Bend-It tablespoons and forks. Built-up utensils come with a hole at the end from which you can attach a wrist strap. These built-up handle stainless steel utensils are top-rack dishwasher-safe. Ease the holding of dining utensils and reduce discomfort while decreasing the dependency of users on others. Make dining enjoyable and easier for your patients with these utensils that enhance their experience.

  • Built-up handle utensils come with an increased surface holding area
  • They include a variety of ergonomically designed dining utensils
  • The handles have a hole for attaching a wrist strap


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