Breast Exam Model


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Build your confidence and understanding of how to perform a proper breast exam by practicing on a breast exam model. Included are three dermatologically tested female representations in C and D cups with one healthy breast for comparison. They differentiate between unhealthy and healthy breast tissue. These 3B® soft SKINlike™ silicone models simulate the feel of tissue and malignant and benign tumors in different points of development as presented in two breasts.

Students train on the breast examination model as they build their knowledge and confidence. The models are also tools for instructing patients, developing their health awareness by learning to perform breast self-examination with the models.

  • Breast Exam model builds students' and patients' confidence in conducting exams
  • It includes three female breasts in size C and D with one healthy 
  • Made of silicone, breast cancer models mimic the feel of benign and malignant tumors 

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