Bouffant Cap - Pack of 1000


Tiger Medical bouffant caps in packs of 1,000 are personal protective equipment (PPE) that provide two-way protection in healthcare settings. They prevent a worker's hair or ear and head debris from falling onto equipment, tools or sites that need to remain sanitary or into wounds that need to remain sterile. They also help protect the worker's hair, head and ears from fluids or fragments during various clinical, lab or medical procedures, including surgery.

The caps are part of hospital hygiene supplies that help control cross-contamination and infection, not only in medical centers but in healthcare clinics and facilities as well. The surgical bouffant caps are bulk prophylactic supplies, one-and-done after each procedure or surgery, minimizing the spread of bacterial or blood contaminants.

The disposable caps consist of nonlatex spun polypropylene material, so they're nonallergenic and are durable. They're lightweight and fit snugly with a loop-stitched elastic band, so they're comfortable to wear and they stay in place as you wear them, even during lengthy procedures. The disposable surgical caps in bulk packages are suitable for many wall-mounted PPE dispensers  for surgical and medical staff, providing a central location to make the caps readily available for work. In 1,000-packs, the caps are economical for any facility, and one size fits most workers.

How do the surgical bouffants protect patients?

Bouffants are an essential part of any overall infection prevention and control regimen in medical facilities. Both hair follicles and the scalp can carry bacteria, as can ear canals. The caps enable workers to cover these areas effectively, inhibiting the transfer of germs in sterile environments.

How economical are the disposable surgical caps?

Because staff must dispose of the bouffants after single medical or surgical procedures, staff will go through a lot of them quickly. The bulk-packaging amount is the most cost-efficient option for the caps.

How do the disposable caps help protect surgical, hospital and clinical health workers?

  • The caps don't contain latex, so they're nonallergenic
  • They protect the head and ears from body fluids and tissue during surgical procedures
  • Bouffant caps, packs of 1,000, remain snug during procedures, so they won't become a distraction when handling sharp tools
  • They are lightweight and comfortable to wear during long procedures
  • They're not reusable, so no one needs to touch any body fluids or tissue after disposal

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