Body-Solid Medicine Balls


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Support total body strengthening and conditioning with Body-Solid® Medicine Ball. Medicine balls are used as physical therapy weights to help patients build core strength, flexibility and balance. The medicine balls are available in a variety of weights, making them easy to use and comfortable for patients of different strength levels.

Traditional weight machines are designed to isolate individual muscle groups, but medicine balls and CanDo® products for physical therapy allow patients to train the full body while building core strength. Medicine balls are designed to provide the benefits of weight-lifting, but also work with the body's natural movements during training, which is important during physical therapy exercises. 

The medicine ball is constructed with reinforced rubber and inner-structural support to help prevent breaking and cracking. The solid structure and integrity of the medicine ball accommodates versatile use and throwing against hard surfaces for strength building. The textured finish of the ball is suitable for patients to form a firm-grip on the ball to help maintain comfort and stability during training activities. The air pressure can be adjusted as needed to allow for increased control and handling when bouncing and using the medicine ball.

What weight options are available for the medicine ball?

The medicine ball is available in 11 weight options. The balls are color-coded by weight for easy identification and are available in weights ranging between 2 lb. and 30 lb. sizes.

Does the medicine ball bounce on hard surfaces?

Yes, the medicine ball does bounce on hard surfaces. The air pressure in the medicine ball is adjustable, so air can be added or reduced for optimal handling during use.

Product Features

  • Body-Solid® medicine balls allow patients to build strength and stability by working the full body rather than individual muscles
  • Durable, reinforced rubber design supports throwing and intensive training uses
  • Varying weight options provide versatility and accommodate changes in patient strength levels 
  • Easy to grip texture supports comfort and stability which is suitable for physical therapy applications
  • Color-coded design makes weight identification easy for simple, user-friendly training

Support patient comfort during strength conditioning with a medicine ball or other physical therapy supplies from CeilBlue.

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