CanDo Blue Foam Rollers with TufCoat Finish


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

CeilBlue™ CanDo® blue foam rollers with a TufCoat® finish are fitting for spinal stabilization, body awareness, and coordination. Polyethylene foam rollers are also suitable for positioning, balance, postural and muscle re-education. Round foam rollers for backs offer progressive exercise sequences — the user can graduate from an easier to a more difficult roller. A half-round roller is a great tool for ankle stretching and knee rehabilitation. These foam rollers for lower backs are strong enough for large adults and active children. Foam rollers are available in 36-in. and 12-in. lengths with either a round (circular) or half-round (semi-circular) profile. The TufCoat is a solid plastic-like coating layer on the exterior of the muscle roller that adds a level of firmness, and it makes them washable.

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Customer Review Summary

A common product concern is firmness. Reviewers either felt the rollers were too soft or hard and wouldn’t last. A complaint among 20% of buyers was that they don’t last. However, 80% of reviewers feel they’re just right for training and massaging. Return products easily with CeilBlue’s 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Buyers expressed concern over quality, and 10% of reviewers felt the quality didn’t match the price. However, 90% of customers found them worthy of use in professional and home settings. Try new products with CeilBlue’s no minimum order quantity.

Reviewers question product size. Only 15% of buyers didn’t feel the size was ideal. The other 85% felt product size was adequate for the intended use. They’re easy to use and store in multiple settings. Order what you need with free shipping on orders over $49 from CeilBlue.

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