Blue Marlin Hospital Terry Towels


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Choose Blue Marlin hospital terry towels for your hospital or treatment center as a way to keep your patients comfortable. Each set of hospital towels is made from a blend of 86% cotton for absorbent softness and 14% polyester for added strength. These towels are made strong with double stitching on the hems so they withstand constant wear. The towels also feature cotton loops to increase their softness, so they are strong, yet gentle on your patients.

These towels, along with other patient needs like hospital linens, are essential additions to your hospital or treatment rooms. They're also an extra measure of concern for patients that need a more soothing touch.

The hospital towels come in three different sizes: wash cloth, hand towel and bath towel. The towels are available in white so it's easy to know when it's time to clean or replace them. 

What are the dimensions of the towels?

The wash cloths measure 12 in. in width and 12 in. in length. The hand towels measure 16 in. in width and 27 in. in length. The bath towels are available in two sizes; one size is 22 in. in width and 44 in. in length and the other size is 24 in. in width and 50 in. in length. 

How many towels are in each set?

The wash cloths come in 48-and 600-count packs, the hand towels come in packs of 48 and 120, while the bath towels are in packs of 48, 60 and 120.

Features and benefits:

  • The Blue Marlin hospital terry towels feature an 86% cotton and 14% polyester blend for strength
  • 100% cotton loops offer softness
  • Double stitched hems provide durability
  • The towels are an ideal addition to your medical supplies
  • Available in wash cloth, hand towel and bath towel sizes

Choose hospital bath towels from CeilBlue™ when considering hospital, treatment center or physical therapy supplies for a soft and durable way to keep your patients comfortable.

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