Bioesque Botanical Disinfectant Solution


Professional Grade Bioesque™ Botanical Disinfectant Solution

Cleans and Disinfects without Bleaching

Available in 3 Sizes:
Quart Size Bottles - 12 Quart Size Bottles per Case with 2 Trigger Sprayers
Gallon Size Refills - 4 Gallon Bottles per Case
5 Gallon Size Refill - 1 Each

  • Bactericidal, Virucidal, Tuberculocidal, and Fungicidal
  • Disinfect, Sanitize, Clean, and Deodorize in ONE STEP
  • Eliminates Household Germs
  • No Rinse Required, except for food contact surfaces
  • Kills Odor Causing Bacteria
  • Broad-Spectrum Disinfectant
  • Non-Abrasive Formula
  • Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • Safe for Everyday Use
  • Biodegradable
  • Pleasant Citrus Scent
  • Botanically Derived Active Ingredient
  • Free from Chlorine and Phosphates
  • Non-toxic and Non-Irritating
  • No Signal Words or Warnings Needed
  • No Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Needed
  • Safe for Use on Water Mitigation Projects (Sewage Back Up, Water Damage)
  • Effective in Restoration and Remediation

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