Beauchene Adult Human Skull Model - Didactic Colored Version


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Create an engaging and active learning experience using the Beauchene adult human skull model — didactic colored version. It's an effective teaching tool to study and illustrate complex structures with high accuracy and precision. For easy identification, the visually striking Beauchene skull model features 22 individual bones in nine distinct colors. A strategic internal pin mechanism also lets you disassemble the skull for detailed exploration and examination. Well-defined sutures along the bony plates on the Beauchene human skull demonstrate how the bones fuse together in outstanding clarity. Use the discreet connectors to put the skull back into a single, stable structure. This colored skull model is made of a sturdy, nontoxic material to ensure safety and longevity.

  • The color-coded Beauchene skull model facilitates easy identification of individual bones
  • An internal pin system with inconspicuous connectors enables disassembly and reassembly
  • A durable, nontoxic construction offers long-lasting quality while promoting safety

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