Basic Billy CPR Simulator Dark Skin


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Since it is anatomically accurate, the 3B Scientific® Basic Billy CPR simulator with dark skin provides a realistic replica for efficient learning. Its flexible head easily tilts backward to open airways, replicating the right posture for CPR application. Its thorax rises realistically as you ventilate the lungs to enhance realism. This CPR training manikin comes with multiple exchangeable lung bags to minimize the risk of cross-contamination between different users. With an additional mask and disposable airways, the Basic Billy simulator offers hygienic use. Equipped with interchangeable springs at the back, you can use this model for adult and child CPR training, making it versatile. Its sturdy build allows intensive long-term use. Cleaning and disinfecting this model is easy, saving you time.

  • This anatomically designed CPR training manikin is accurate
  • Its interchangeable springs offer versatility
  • Its disposable airways make it hygienic

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