Physical Therapy Bariatric Parallel Bars


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Physical Therapy Bariatric Parallel Bars are rugged, floor-mounted handrail walkways. They help patients put their best foot forward in post-operative ambulatory therapy or in therapy to regain balance, improve ambulatory range or sometimes re-learn walking. They’re also a key tool for motivating and inspiring patients in their overall recovery regimen. All physical therapy exercise equipment must be strong enough to be safe. Clinton’s physical therapy bariatric parallel bars feature a floor base of 1-1/2 inches thick hardwood-composite plywood, coated in a nonskid, UV-cured satin finish. Steel telescoping uprights with integrated baseplates support stainless steel handrails bolted to the uprights. Three uprights support each side of the 10-foot walkway, providing plenty of reinforcement throughout the span.

Any set of physical therapy parallel bars should accommodate a full range of patient anthropometrics. These bariatric parallel bars are on a wide 48-inch base. The 1-1/2-inch one-piece tubeless handrails with a 500-lb. weight capacity provide the right combination of rigidity and flexibility for any user. The bars offer a generous range of adjustment options, from 26 to 39 inches in height, and from 20 to 34 inches in width. The adjustable physical therapy bars also offer an ultra-secure locking system to ensure a safe therapeutic experience. Easy-grip hand screws keep handrail width adjustments stable. Upright bars lock into place with spring-loaded plungers. They snap into number-marked notches to ensure precise, parallel handrail height. Uprights also have safeguard lock-down hand screws to eliminate any handrail sway. In addition, end ramps enable patients who use ambulation aids like walkers and canes to step on and off the platform securely. Textured foot grips at each end of the walkway give patients ample traction to start and stop their ambulatory therapy safely.

What adds to the durability and stability of the bars?

A UV-cured, hardwood ambulatory platform with steel uprights and stainless-steel handrails mean that the walkway can withstand the demands of most therapy. With bolted-on handrails, baseplate steel uprights and locking screws to prevent any side sway, the bars offer any ambulatory patient full therapeutic control.

How easy are the platform-mounted parallel bar adjustments?

Keeping patients motivated and confident requires equipment that adjusts quickly to each individual. The hand screws and spring-loaded plungers, along with the precision fit of the uprights and handrail brackets, let you set the generous 13-inch height and 14-inch width adjustments in minutes. The number markings on the height-adjustable uprights ensure exact adjustments automatically.

What are the patient benefits?

  • The 500-pound weight limit lets all ambulatory patients feel included in group therapy sessions
  • Non-slip treads offer safe starting and stopping points for each rep
  • The 10-foot span promotes both physical therapy and a sense of achievement
  • Middle uprights on the physical therapy bariatric parallel bars provide ample handrail support throughout the walk
  • Tubeless handrails offer both stability and flexibility for proper balance

Check out CeilBlue™ for this stable, patient-safe and user-friendly set of bariatric bars to put patients on the walk to recovery.

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