Back Scrubbers


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Back scrubbers facilitate the ability to wash parts of the body that are hard to reach by hand as the long handle enables you to reach the desired area without straining. The long back scrubber comes with either a curved or straight 23-in. handle that enables you to reach all of the spots on your upper and lower back easily. The long-handled back scrubber has a soft sponge that works well for your sensitive skin, helping to massage your back and aid circulation. It has replaceable sponges that are 3-3 /4 in. in diameter, which are large enough to ensure proper hygiene.

  • Curved and straight handles offer ease of reach
  • Long enough so no extreme effort required to reach all parts of the back
  • Long back scrubber has replaceable sponges to ensure proper hygiene

Orders for this item typically ship within 5 business days.

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