Asian Deluxe Head with Neck Anatomical Model


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Provide visual support to make anatomy lessons clear and engaging with the 3B Scientific® Asian deluxe head with neck anatomical model in midsagittal section. Realistic features combined with hand-painted details deliver high accuracy and precision. This head anatomy model shows the skin on the right half for a natural-looking depiction of an Asian head. In contrast, the left half exposes the deep muscles, bony structures, blood vessels and nerves. This life-size head anatomy 3D model includes a sectioned neck that you can detach easily for a closer inspection. To ensure safety, 3B Scientific uses a nontoxic material to create the model. Use the supplied baseboard to display this head and neck anatomy model on tabletops for easy access.

  • This head and neck anatomy model illustrates external and internal anatomical structures with realism and high precision
  • A removable neck enables detailed study
  • It comes on a baseboard for convenience

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