Asian Deluxe Dual-Sex Torso with Muscular Arm


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This Asian deluxe dual-sex torso with a muscular arm is a life-size model for realistic demonstrations. It displays a complete representation of the anatomy of the human upper body torso, including the musculature of the arm, which is removable in six parts. The human torso model features a left side showing the superficial and deeper muscles with vessels, nerves and bony structures and a right side showing skin. This model displays handpainted internal organs, and many of them are removable. It includes an interchangeable three-part female genital insert with a fetus and a four-part male genital insert. The Asian torso model comes mounted on a base for stability.

  • Compare both sides of the human torso model to learn what's underneath the skin
  • The handpainted organs are realistic and help students learn what they look like
  • The model depicts the muscles of the arm for advanced study

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