Arm Sling with Immobilizing Strap - Navy Blue


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Wear the Bilt-Rite arm sling with immobilizing strap in navy blue for added protection and stability following a surgical procedure or injury. It helps prevent further damage and provides relief from discomfort typically associated with excessive movement. This arm support sling features an immobilizing strap that stabilizes the affected area. This allows the injured part to rest properly to facilitate the recovery process. For enhanced user comfort, this medical arm support comes with a padded neck strap. A thumb loop also keeps the wrist in a relaxed, neutral position. This lightweight arm immobilizer sling includes contact closures for a secure fit. It comes in small, medium, large and XL options to meet varying size needs. 

  • An immobilizing strap on this navy blue arm support sling restricts movement to promote healing
  • Padding on the neck strap adds comfort
  • A thumb loop helps maintain proper wrist positioning

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