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Injuries to the arm and upper extremities are some of the most aggravating and debilitating, and this anatomical model of an arm skeleton provides a way of giving your patients a convenient visual of their injuries. For any practice that deals with injuries of the arm, wrist and hand, this human arm anatomy model is an important component of your practice's workflow.

When you run a physical therapy practice or any other sort of medical office that frequently deals with injuries to the arm and surrounding areas, human anatomy charts and models are useful. They're an excellent way of giving your patients a better look at the injury they are suffering. This essential piece of human arm anatomy is made of a hard, unbreakable plastic, ideal for frequent handling.

This arm bone model is made from a real human cast, giving you the absolute best in medical accuracy. The wire mounting of this skeleton part makes for flexible joints and easy attachment to a stand for better visual communication. You can offer your patients a guide that gives them a better idea of their injuries with this human anatomy model.

Does this skeleton come in a left and right arm?

This listing is for the right arm only.

Is this skeleton made from a real human cast?

A human cast serves as the basis for this model for an optimal level of accuracy.

What practices are best served by this skeleton?

A physical therapist would make good use of this skeleton, as would any practice dealing with sports injuries.


  • Correctly diagnose injuries to the arm and upper extremities with our anatomical model arm skeleton
  • This right arm skeleton model provides an accurate visual representation of the entire arm and fingers
  • With a hard plastic construction, this human arm model is sturdy and resilient
  • This skeleton is ideal for physical therapists and doctors who deal with sports injuries
  • It also comes with wire mounting for easy attachment to a permanent base

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